The Waters of Mars

So, I watched ‘The Waters of Mars’ last night on BBC iPlayer. My overall verdict? Meh.

First off, the good points. 1) Mars. 2) The base, which actually did look a bit space-colony-like. 3) The biodome, which was kind of cool. 4) The Doctor gets called on his dickish-ness. 5) There was a bit of tension and maybe even a degree of actual drama (Cpt. Brooke looks like she’s going to be the villain at first, but actually changes role about halfway through).

And now the bad points. 1) Another re-visit of MR GOD DOCTOR, which seems to be an obsession of Russell T Davies’s. Thank you, Mr Davies, one Jesus was quite enough. Also, the Time Lord Victorious, which could perhaps be re-interpreted as the Time Lord Egocentricous.

Point 2), Gadget Gadget == Stupid Stupid. Why did they ever think that was a good idea?

3) The antagonist, which wasn’t really that scary nor very convincing. If it can magically summon vast quantities of water, apparently without limit, why doesn’t it just do so and flood Mars? Why go to all the trouble of stealing a rocket?

4) The absence of sympathetic characters. Cpt. Brooke was a little bit sympathetic, but not in public. Other than her, the black girl didn’t do anything annoying, but then she got killed off too quickly to have the chance. All of the rest of them came across as poorly-socialised jerks.

5) There were too many plot-holes and foreshadowing fails, like that shot of what looked like a small moon colliding with the Earth. That was never followed up or explained. It just left me vaguely confused.

So, overall, meh. It could’ve been worse and to be fair, I didn’t have anything better to do with that hour. But it still wasn’t exactly stunningly brilliant.


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