Bad Photo…

… which I will replace with a decent-quality scan in the morning, when the paint has finished drying! But in the meantime, here’s a sort of ‘version 0.9’ shot of the new painting:

This pretty much just started happening at 11.30 last night. I’d planned to do another sunset, but this alien obelisk seemed to want to appear instead. So it did. I’m not complaining!

Edit: also, have a look at this. This is a very quick concept sketch, done on my computer. I’ve been having some discussions here online and also in the office, and they’ve kind of sparked an idea. I’d never thought of data reduction or analysis in astronomy as a process that could be represented in art … but maybe it can be. So here the beginnings of some ideas along those lines. There’s a telescope (based on Subaru, lower left), a star-field (top left) and then a raw-image field (top right), then the green-and-black Matrix-esque thing for the computer processes, and finally the actual screen with a spectrum. Or at least, that’s the idea.

Whether this will actually work on paper, who knows? But it makes for an interesting experiment, and it’s a bit different from my usual stuff.


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