…is apparently a place where you see things like this:

It’s a miniature Stonehenge that also apparently doubles as a water feature. I haven’t yet managed to make up my mind whether this is cool, weird or just slightly sad!

I saw this at a shopping centre that’s close to the place where I’m staying, and couldn’t resist taking a quick photo. (I know it’s a rubbish photo…)


4 Responses to “America…”

  1. Looks like the universal language of shopping centres to me 😀 This one is quite tasteful looking. If you go to Meadowhall centre near Sheffield they have a waterfall feature with esculators on either side. The Victoria centre in Nottingham has an incredible clock/water feature thing by Roland Emett which features bicycle riding squirrels with umbrellas. Pretty resonable picture of it here

    • Bicycle-riding squirrels! That rocks!

      Talking of unexpected animals, I saw a raccoon this morning. I was very surprised – I was just one my way back from breakfast when I saw something move near one of the rubbish bins. And there it was!

  2. Wow racoons, makes a change from foxes 🙂 quite a similar size to I think?

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