Ugh. I’ll get back to blogging/writing/posting stuff soon, I promise.

Or at least, I will once I’m done with the North American virus that’s currently rampaging through my system. Yes, it seems I did indeed pick up a freebie at Cool Stars 16! The good news, orf course, is that I’m back in Britain, the land of the evul-damn-pinko-Communist-NHS. (Yes, the content of some American radio shows is shockingly stupid … you wonder how they cope with the really difficult things in life, like staircases or tin-openers.) Also, the American common cold seems qualitatively more virulent than our patsy tea-drinkin’ Limey version. (Ha ha. Ha.)

In the meantime, one small impression: congestion. After seeing American roads – like the eight lanes through the middle of Seattle, wall-to-wall with cars for miles, so thick you can’t even see the tarmac – the busy road near where I live suddenly didn’t look so busy. In fact, as I was walking home from the train station, I was startled to see how empty it looked.

And yet, here’s the weird thing. It was no quieter than it was before I flew out. Without even noticing it, I’d been on enough buses and taxis to begin to get used to the American situation. It seems travel really does alter our perceptions!


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