Kaput Hard Drive…

…and an open request.

Because it never rains but it pours, the day after I got back from Seattle my computer had a bit of a meltdown (it was a Ubuntu-and-partitions thing). Now, I’ve still got all of my critical data, thank goodness. (Also, don’t worry the master-file for ‘The Misfits’ lives on my laptop, which was unaffected.)

But I have lost some files, though. They’re mainly Poser stuff. So, if anyone who sees this has a copy of the Obiwan chain axe and Chaos backpack props, and feels like helping a distressed astronomer, I’d be much obliged if you could e-mail me the .obj files.

Oh, and the obligatory moral of this tale: Back. Up. Your. Data.

Edit: Problem solved. Thank you!


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