I thought I’d make a few of my user icons available. They’re croppings from several of my paintings.

These are intended for LiveJournal/Dreamwidth (hence the file sizes/resolutions). If anyone would like them, please feel free to help yourselves!

A halo T dwarf, cropped from this one of my paintings. I have this one as my PhD revolves around finding/characterising T dwarfs in the galactic halo. I’d really, really like to talk more about this, but that will have to wait until my paper is formally accepted. Soon, I hope…

Another cropping from the above picture, this one is of the galaxy. It’s meant to represent the central part of our own galaxy, complete with the star-forming 5-kiloparsec ring, the beginnings of the spiral arms and also a barred-spiral nucleus. The nucleus is yellower because, of course, it has more older, evolved stars than the disc. (The disc is generally the youngest bit of the galaxy, so it’s where you find all the hot, bright, high-mass bluish stars.)

This is the first panel from a much, much larger painting. This was an experiment with a graphic novel format. It was interesting to do. But it was a lot of work and there are several bad, baaad mistakes on the first page. (The rifle thing was a particular ‘ouch’ moment.) And there wasn’t much public response to it, so it never really made it to a second page. However, I like the first panel, and it continues the brown dwarf theme 🙂

Getting away from all the brown dwarfs, here is ‘Wolves’. This is a resizing of this piece here. It’s based on something I sketched while sitting through a dull training session. (The session was on time management, and they managed to convey no useful information in more than an hour. I managed my time better by tuning out the speaker!)

This is also the symbol for Einnar Thorbjornsson’s Great Company, so it could be a good one for Space Wolf fans 😉

This is a cropping from this picture, which is rather ancient. It was drawn back in 2003(!), but I actually still like it. It was one of those weird images that you get every now and then, that you’re just in exactly the right place mentally at the time, and you end up with something light years ahead of what you’d normally be capable of doing. I sat down and drew the outline pretty much in one go, then scratched my head in considerable surprise. It’s not a feat that I’ve ever managed to repeat!


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