Being Positive

Okay, the way I talk, you could get the impression that I think this country is a creaking mess that’s about to fall over. (Actually, now I say that…)

But as well as all the rubbish, there are some things to like about Britain too. I thought I’d list a few of them. These aren’t the only things, I should add, just some.

1. Tolerance. For all of our other flaws, we are reasonably tolerant. This is not, obviously, a call for complacency and there is still a lot of work to be done. But, by and large, Britain is a place where you are free to live your private life as you wish.

2. A rich history. Whatever else it may be, our history isn’t boring. And we have rather a lot of it.

3. The weather. Yes, the weather. No, seriously. Take Edinburgh – it’s actually slightly north of Moscow. And yet, thanks to the Gulf Stream, the climate is much milder. Also, the weather is very changebale, which gives us all a nice, emotive but not offensive topic to constantly moan about. And we do like to moan 😉

4. Innovation. Yes, it sounds like a meaningless buzzword, but we have been quite innovative in thepast. This country has contributed a lot to the sciences and the arts, and in those fields has definitely done humanity as a whole a favour or two.

…I’d also like to add tea to the list, but of course that wasn’t originally ‘one of ours’!


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