Sunday Morning Arty Post

Who knew? Apparently, Photoshop CS3 is really conducive to random doodling. Given that precisely zero planning/drafting/experimenting went into this ahead of time, and it took all of an hour, I’m actually rather pleasantly surprised with this result:

It turns out that the ‘smudge’ tool and the ‘soft light’ layer setting can lead to quite pleasing effects.

(Higher-res over here, as ever.)


2 Responses to “Sunday Morning Arty Post”

  1. Yellow is such a difficult colour to handle and I think you’ve done a really good job of it here.

    The only thing is, the orientation of the two moons(?) and the way the land is falling away to the left suggest that the viewer is standing on the pole of this world. It could just be me, I admit I’m suffering from a lack of sleep.

  2. Thank you. Re: the moons, I was sort of thinking of those fat-looking Harvest Moons, it’s low down toward the horizon and looking really orangey.

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