Sunday’s Scribbles

In the absence of a ‘serious’ update, here’s a couple of pictures:

I’ve been experimenting with using Gaussian blur to create photo-like backgrounds. The idea is, the background props are done in one render and the figures in another. Then, I take the .png from the first render and carve it up into several different layers in Photoshop. Each of those gets blurred on a bigger and bigger radius, the ‘further’ away from the main scene they’re supposed to be. Then, merge down and import the figures on top. Flatten the image, and you get something like this – it looks like the backdrop is out of focus.

It’s amazing what you can do just with Photoshop.

(Plus also, knight beating up evil lizards FTW!)

Here’s another, slightly less sophisticated example:

(Yes, he does have a great helm combined with plate armour. It is indeed about as historicaly-accurate as a Stone Age spark plug! I did this mainly because I felt like using a different helmet to the default one.)


4 Responses to “Sunday’s Scribbles”

  1. I like the way you’ve used the blur. It sounds complicated but I think it’s worked pretty well. It gives both images that bit of extra depth.

    I particularly like the top image with the dinosaur men attacking. It’s nice to see you developing some more dynamic poses for your figures. I’m looking forward to seeing where you’re going to take these 🙂

    • It’s not actually that complicated, I just haven’t explained what I did very well! Basically I’m trying to use layers more, as you can apply several different effects or filters to the same image that way. I’d never really used them at all in the past, but I’ve seen all sorts of remarkable things that people have done with them, so I figure that I should experiment!

  2. From the little I’ve done digitally the layers have been increadibly useful, you can layer effects and colours over the same image. I always get mixed up with the settings for the layers though. Should I have it on Mulitlply or Screen? The big question.

    • I have to confess, I’ve only discovered them recently! I’m sort of at the ‘ooh, if I poke it here, it does that!’ phase.

      Opacity is another setting that I’ve found useful, actually.

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