A Sunday Plug

I don’t do this very often, but I thought I’d make a quick mention of something people might find interesting.

My very talented friend Bee is currently at the early stages of starting her own business, and she’s set up a blog for it. She makes various knitted items with wool; if you’re interested, you can see more at Bee’s Wool Arts. She also does a good line in photography, too – her pictures of Cornwall’s coast are well worth a look!

It’s quite cool having friends who can do stuff!


4 Responses to “A Sunday Plug”

  1. What lovely knitting 🙂 I particuly liked the hats Bee’s made. They look very cozy and pretty.

    I’m so envious of people who can knit. I’ve tried to learn myself several times and never quite got the hang of it 😦

    • Bee is very talented 🙂

      (Personally I think knitting needles look like some scary implement of torture and should be run away from at a million million miles an hour, but that’s just me! I do greatly respect the people who can do something useful with them, though.)

  2. Especially the double ended metal ones, they’re lethal 😀

    • Double-ended knitting needles? Oh my goodness me, that’s a *terrifying* mental image! I wonder how many unfortunate grannies end up at A&E with knitting-related injuries.

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