Fish, Fish Everywhere

Oh yes, I should probably say something about the Doctor Who Christmas special, shouldn’t I?

Umm. WTF?

No, really, it sort of lost me. I found the whole floaty-fish thing just slightly daft. And a shark towing a rickshaw … can we say ‘jump the shark’ any more blatantly?

As for the plot, well, umm. I *think* what they were trying to do was riff off of Dickens’s A Christmas Carole. Sadly, it didn’t really work. Also, Amy Pond was grossly under-used in this episode.

In addition, I didn’t like the implications with What’s-Her-Name, the blond girl. The one who gets decanted out of the fridge periodically, presumably whenever Karzon wants a quickie feels a bit lonely. Talk about female characters who lack agency!

Also, plotholes. Since when couldn’t the Doctor hack a machine? And, umm, during ‘Journey’s End’ the Tardis towed the Earth back to safety – the Earth!! the EARTH!!!11!eleven!* So, umm, why can’t it just tow that ship back into orbit? I mean, it’s got to weigh less than a fricking’ planet, surely?

But on the other hand, electrically-levitated fish who swim around in the air. I guess we’ve left Logic-Ville long behind at this point.

One thing I (sort of) liked. I liked the steampunk-ish visuals, the half-lit city under the storm-clouds and the looming tower in the distance. But I would have liked to see more of the city. (Also, what were all those goggles for, exactly? To avoid awkward eyeball-fish collisions, maybe?)

Oh well, I hope the writers etc. have got their need for cheesiness out of their systems before the new series begins. Fingers crossed…

*No, I still haven’t got over how craptastic that was as well…


2 Responses to “Fish, Fish Everywhere”

  1. Let’s never talk of the TARDIS towing a planet again …

    I liked the Xmas special. It’s fluffy and lightweight – as any Xmas special should be, but the latter RTD ones weren’t. But it had a poignancy to it which was obvious but not overplayed.

    There is a large tongue-in-cheek element to much of the story, and to be fair much of it is explained (isomorphic controls etc). The point was, I think, to set up the story quickly and not worry too much about the tech side of it. You have to remember that Xmas Who is watched by an audience which contains as many non-fans as it does regular viewers. Unlike a “normal” episode, all that’s required is a thrilling hour – and that’s what Moffat was largely successful in giving us. As a regular Who watcher since the 70s, I’m willing to let more slide at Xmas than I normally would …

    • Yes, the planet-towing thing was without doubt a record low. I certainly felt moved – in the direction of the remote control, that is. There surely had to be something less painful on one of the other channels!

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