A Broken Shrine

Here’s a new painting:

By the way, having the full Moon that close to a sunset is astronomically impossible – believe me, I know! I didn’t let it stop me, though.

Larger version over here, as per usual.

Although this one isn’t fan art, the basic idea was inspired by a computer game, of all things. I’ve been playing a lot of the Myth series by Bungie recently – although it’s rather old, the people at Project Magma have created a modern-operating systems patch. Also, even though it’s an old game, it’s still fun. And the graphics are still acceptably pretty, even a decade on.

Anyway, it sort of seeded the image of an abandoned stone monument in a desolate landscape. So here it is.


2 Responses to “A Broken Shrine”

  1. This has got a very nice shamanic/druidic vibe. I can see this being published in Pentagle magazine.

    My brother used to be addicted to the Myth games, I remember the graphics being really beautiful if fairly static. I’m pretty certain there were acutal actors playing the parts of the various charcters in little video sections as well. Pretty unusual and eyecatching even now.

    • The in-game graphics were good for what was possible, technologically, at the time. That’s shown by the fact that they’ve aged fairly well – I’ve gone from an 800×600 CRT monitor back then to this shiny flatscreen-thingy-wotsit at 1440×900 and it still looks quite passable. (In fact, it may even have been a 640×480 monitor back then – I can’t actually clearly remember!) Also the storyline was a great strength of the series, too.

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