This cat actually lives down the stairs, but she’s sort of adopted me. I set off today to find her sat on the mat outside my front door! It was very cute.

She’s a bit camera-shy, but I did manage to get a photo:


2 Responses to “Adopted”

  1. Isn’t she pretty 🙂 I’d love to find her on my doormat.

    I found the solution to camera shy cats is to feed them little bits of their favourite food. My long since deseased cat would allow hrself to be drawn and photographed after being bribed with bits of turkey slices.

    • When I opened the door yesterday morning, she trotted into the corridor for a headrub! I was very surprised.

      My much-missed cat Lucky was relatively camera-friendly. He’d sit there and stare blankly at this strange metal box that the staff kept insisting on waving at him. Somewhere on my computer I’ve got a really cute picture of him sat on one of the chairs in the conservatory, staring right at the camera.

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