Beware The Dawn

New painting:

I’ve been slowly making my way through Tolkien’s Ring trilogy. This is for the second time – I read it once before, in the mid-’90s, and didn’t get that much out of it that time. I’m enjoying it more now. That said, the focus on all the ‘hero’ characters did get me to wonder about the ‘non-hero’ pople who live in its world, whom we never really get to see. And this is a common issue with high fantasy – a lot of minor or even non-characters who are just there to be Orc-fodder.

So this picture is about them – the people for whom sunrise probably isn’t good news.

(Higher-res version over here.)


3 Responses to “Beware The Dawn”

  1. Nice handeling of the two different light sources 🙂

    LoTR is an amazing story, I first read it after seeing part of the first film. It’s nice to see one of the foot soldiers before he marches off to his doom.

    • The light was from an idea you gave me, actually, with the suggestion re: the Dutch 🙂 So thank you!

      This is also based off of a quick sketch I did over Christmas – it’s surprising how much you can get out of a five-minute doodle sometimes.

      (Honest confession re: LotR – I actually *preferred* the films! Dangerous heresy, I know…)

      • Those Dutch masters are brilliant, I’m glad you found them inspiring too 🙂 Their handeling of light is amazing and look at the way the different texures in the still-lives are handled. Absolutely amazing.

        I think the LoTR films an increadibly good attempt at filming the impossible. I really like the designs and the outdoor settings are just amazing. My only real problem is with some of the scripting and characterization.

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