Nyiragongo is a volcano in Africa. It’s all the more notable because it has a permanent, standing ‘lake’ of lava inside its crater. There aren’t many of these on Earth – I believe Erte Ala in Ethiopia has one as well, and so does Mount Erebus in Antarctica. Anyway, lava lakes are fascinationg but also absurdly dangerous, and so are not very well studied. But, recently, an expedition went to the one in Nyiragongo. All the more amazingly, they came back alive.

See more here – it’s very, very well worth doing so!

The photos are amazing. I also find the rock rim that surrounds the lake intriguing. It’s rather high – as some of the other photos make clear, at least as high as a house. Presumably this is where the lava has flowed over the edges and froze, gradually building up a sort of magmatic levee, I suppose?

Very interesting, very interesting indeed.


2 Responses to “Nyiragongo”

  1. All I can say is WOW. These pictures are amazing and just what I need for my current projcet.

    • They’re dead impressive. I just can’t get over the ‘wow!’ factor either. People have climbed into a volcano?! It’s proper mad science time! (I heartily approve of mad science, of course!)

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