Bad Times

Just a small PSA regarding the current events around the UK; I’m horrified by all of it. In fact I suppose I should admit that watching the news the other day had me close to tears. This is a dreadful business, and I hope it stops soon. This violence and looting isn’t helping anybody. It’s just harming the economy, and thus people’s jobs, and it’s also destroyed the homes and property of many innocent people. It’s not making any kind of point now, and in fact may well end up backfiring badly on the people doing it. (I dread to think how this is going to combine with the immigrant-phobia meme that seems so prevalent around the country now.)

It’s time this stuff ended. Please. Before any of this gets any worse.

I hope that everyone reading this is safe, and I hope that things remain that way.

(Regarding my own situation, I’m very fortunate that where I am seems to be calm at the moment, and there’s no sign of that changing. Thank goodness.)


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