A degree of digital success

I thought this might quickly be worth breaking my silence for:

And the much bigger dA version…

Although it’s a long way from perfect, I’ve had more success with this piece than I usually seem to with digital art.

There are various things that could be tweaked, but I decided it would probably do here! I’m not 100% sure about the texturing attempt on the rifle, for instance, but I think it’ll do as it is. I’ve also fixed the eyes – they were well off before – and I’ve tweaked a few bits of the shadows here and there. (That said, the shadowing/lighting could be a lot better than it is.

The painting itself is essentially a bit of playing with ideas for a current writing project of mine. I say ‘current’ but I actually haven’t got anything done since August on it (gah! need to be less busy! gah!)…


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