Clearly, I’ll Be Going To Nerd Hell, Then!

So, I’ve recently discovered the ‘Mass Effect’ series of games; I’ve been playing a lot of them recently. I’ve been trying to avoid spoiling myself for the later games, and haven’t really succeeded. At all. Anyway I saw one of the trailers for ME3, and was surprised by how much of late-22nd Century London is apparently still recognisable. Then it got me to thinking, if great British institutions like Big Ben and the London Eye are still there … what about newspapers?

And what about the Daily Mail? What would the dear old Daily Mail have to say about a Reaper invasion?

Well, fear no more, because I know what the Daily Mail would have to say … egregious Photoshop’ing below the cut!

(Just so we’re clear; I like the Mass Effect series. I don’t much like the Daily Mail!)

In other news, David has now earned himself a lifetime ban from Photoshop!

(With regards to Bioware and the Mail’s respective IP lawyers … please don’t sue me! Please! This is just a silly bit of fun, and not to be taken too seriously.)


6 Responses to “Clearly, I’ll Be Going To Nerd Hell, Then!”

  1. Adrianna F Says:

    I love the newspaper. I would seriously like to know how immigrants cause cancer!! lol

  2. I’m going to be there soon. We’ll meet.

  3. I reckon you could do full size versions of this and sneak them into a newsagent, and nobody would notice the difference πŸ™‚ They’d probably be annoyed that they didn’t get their free giveaway though πŸ˜€

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