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Meta – Vague Direction

Posted in Personal with tags , , , on May 29, 2012 by davidnm2009

I have to admit, I don’t use this place as effectively as I used to

It was originally an at least semi-serious blog, with a vague emphasis on entertaining, odd and weird things from the world of astronomy. (And, to a lesser extent, that of physics.) And I still occasionally do science posts, of course, and have no intention of completely stopping. However, these days I seem to be using this place more as a repository for various personal projects, essentially as a way of buying off that weird urge to make everything public. (It is strange – objectively, I’m well aware that the world does not and has no reason to care about my various artistic attempts, but there’s still this strange urge to push stuff out there. I’m not by nature an attention-seeker of any sort, so it really is out of character for me. I wish I understood it, but I really don’t!)

I also tried using this place as somewhere to discuss serious issues like current affairs and politics. Unfortunately, there’s a lot to feel annoyed about at the moment, and consequently most of those posts tended to decay into rants. Then I found I ran out of emotional energy to engage properly with these things – the last few years haven’t been good for my sense of optimism, unfortunately. I still have opinions, of course, but these days I’m wondering if I’m better off keeping them for the pub, not the internet. Then there’s the depressing fact that I’m increasingly doubtful as to whether my analysis is actually worth anything (I’m still cringing from my big mistake of 2010). Certainly I doubt there’s anything I’m saying that lots of other people haven’t already, so it’s not like I’m adding to the debate in any way. On that basis I don’t see this place going down a more overtly political route.

So, I suppose what I’m saying is that I no longer have a really clear sense of purpose for this project anymore. Probably I’ll carry on posting the occasional painting and the occasional bit of fiction. I’ll probably even write the occasional science post, now and again. But other than that, who knows?


The Reaping Room

Posted in Art with tags , on May 28, 2012 by davidnm2009

In some ways this is a bit of a ‘backwards’ post, in that I’m going to be writing about an artistic idea, rather than actually showing you. Don’t worry, when the painting’s done it will appear here, but this will be a painting with a chain of thought behind it. I thought I might write about that – call it the development stage, if you will!

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Oh dear, I’ve perpetrated more fic…

Posted in Writing with tags , , , on May 2, 2012 by davidnm2009

So, I may have perpetrated a new fanfic.

This wasn’t really ‘planned’, as such. Rather at about 11.30 last night, I just suddenly found myself in a mood to write. So I did.

Anyway, the story is over here [], and it’s called ‘Convolution Kernel’. It’s (a small part of) my take on how I would have ended the Mass Effect series, had it been me doing the writing. Obviously it wasn’t me doing any of the writing, so all of this belongs firmly in the Your-Mileage-May-Vary head-cannon box. However, I do like the idea of setting Reaper!Shep on Harbinger 🙂 Now that would be worth watching!

The other reason I wrote this was that I was interested in having a poke at what exactly the Reapers are and how they work (as machines, I mean). This isn’t really something that’s developed much in the series itself, oddly enough.

Believe it or not, this was partly inspired by something from a data reduction pipeline (don’t ask…).