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Not Living In The Fridge

Posted in Personal with tags on June 8, 2013 by davidnm2009

Canidae 1.0 isn’t the only electrical device in my vicinity that has broken recently. In fact I seem to chalking up quite the body-count of dead appliances recently.

I’ve been in my current apartment since August 2008; nearly five years now. It’s surprising how the time has passed – it doesn’t seem like that long!

Anyway, the white goods have been here longer than I have, with the exception of the washing machine. (The original one blew up in 2010; I’ve never known a washing machine to endure more than three years of regular use.) It’s fair to say that the surviving devices are showing their age.

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Firebase: London, re-imagined

Posted in Art with tags on June 8, 2013 by davidnm2009

Now that we’re done with the saga of poor old Canidae and its unexpected demise, here’s some more Mass Effect fan art. I didn’t get round to posting this earlier, partly due to not having a working computer:

(Also on dA, too.)

Yes, this is the painted version of the line art I posted a while back. Enjoy 🙂

Misadventures in (Re-)Building Computers

Posted in computers with tags , , on June 8, 2013 by davidnm2009

I’ve had an interesting few weeks.

On the 23rd of May, my venerable old desktop PC (Canidae) died a final death. When the end came it was abrupt; I was right in the middle of a Mass Effect multiplayer match when Canidae departed from this world! The screen went dark, the power light vanished and silence descended inside the room. My first thought was that I’d been kicked off again by EA’s notoriously-wobbly servers – but no, no such luck!

As these things tend to, Canidae had picked the worst possible time to expire. I’m currently job-hunting (that being the polite way of admitting to unemployment!) and also trying to get on with the corrections to my PhD thesis. Having my home computer expire on me at this juncture … yes. Not an ideal event, needless to say!

Further investigation eventually revealed that the culprit was a fried motherboard.

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