Firebase Condor Strikes Again

Those of you who are also Mass Effect fans will probably wince at the mention of the name ‘Firebase Condor’. The notoriously-glitchy multiplayer map does have a bit of a bad reputation, from ammo boxes that do nothing to any number of stuck spots where your character just can’t move, to the dreaded ‘Hazard Condor’ frozen-at-the-loading-screen error.

For what it’s worth, I actually think it’s quite pleasing visually – moonscapes FTW! – although that said, I think I speak for most people when I say I would’ve preferred ‘Firebase Palaven’.

However, Condor does seem to be a place where weird stuff happens. Earlier I was hosting some Gold matches, and the PUG roulette wheel landed on Menae. Halfway through the match, this happened:

Somehow, an Atlas got up there. Once there, it proved almost impossible to kill – my KroGuard couldn’t biotic-charge it, and no-one else could even get a straight aim on where it was. I was only able to shoot it by going to the far end of the Landing Zone and pointing up as far as possible. It took a lot longer than normal to dispose of, and the whole time it was Atlas-sniping everyone and anyone.

If I was off-host, I’d blame this on Origin + lag. On host, however, for once I can’t blame Origin!


One Response to “Firebase Condor Strikes Again”

  1. Multiplayer bugs in ME3 are a pain in the a*s. My personal experience is that Firebase Reactor is the most buggy one with the enemy getting stuck in the ceiling or somewhere between it and the ground. But Condor is buggy too. It is a shame that Bioware doesnt provide adequate support for ME3 anymore as they focus on new titles and IPs.

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