Breaking Quarantine

This year I decided to take part in the annual gift-exchange on the LiveJournal Mass Effect community. I’m glad I did; having a project to work on was good, and it also made me go a little bit out of my artistic ‘comfort zone’. It also felt good to be doing something generous.

I can probably break quarantine on these now, as they’ve been posted to the community. I ended up working on two of the prompts that I was given. (I actually had a go at all three, but one of them was, uh, not any sort of success, shall we say!)

First off, here’s the Normandy with the Citadel, and some rather-badly-fluffed shadows:

Secondly, here’s a portrait-piece of one of the giftee’s incarnation of Shepard:

The gibbous-phase background moon/planet, unfortunately, looks a bit weird. It’s arguably accurate astronomically, but a crescent or a half-phase would probably have worked better from a visual point of view. Another one for the learning curve, and all of that…


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