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One thing I’ve just become aware of: WordPress formatting doesn’t always transmit properly through feeds.

So if you happen to be viewing my blog through a feed on a third-party site, umm, sorry.

I do specialise in wall-of-text posts, which is why I use read-more cuts on here. I’ve been made aware that those don’t always reliably transition over. All I can do with regards to that is basically offer my apologies, regrettably.


Unintended Extra Travels…

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Just for once, I’d love to see a time travel story where the protagonists know their probe has worked because they see a starfield when it drops backward to 9,000 BC (or whenever).

This is a minor point that often annoys me with time travel stories: if you actually had a time machine or viewer, you’d better hope it’s a space machine as well. Why? Because the Earth (and the Sun) move.

And they’re actually quite fast.

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Hollow Shell

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This takes some explanation, to put it mildly.

Hollow Shell is a story I’m working on. It’s perhaps the single most bizarre fiction idea I’ve ever had. It’s sufficiently weird that it took me a while before I decided to actually start writing it. And frankly, I’m not 100% convinced I’ll be able to bring it to a successful conclusion. In terms of genre, I think what I’ve got here is an oddball mix of SF and horror – but this is sufficiently off-the-wall that I’m not entirely sure!

Alex, our main character, used to be an estate agent but is now living an unexpected and entirely-non-theological afterlife as a sentient machine. In fact, Alex has woken up as the AI for a very specific and unusual type of machine. Said post-human AI has been brought back to not-quite-life through the use of alien technology, by aliens, for alien purposes.

And some of what’s been explained about said purposes might even be true…

(For purposes of warnings, Hollow Shell is rather dark in tone, and there will definitely be violence. However, it isn’t planned to have anything in the way of sexual content[!]. The writing style is first-person, present tense and semi-expository, for reasons that are shown in-story. There is also some humour, gratuitous pop-culture references, and an alien who gets taught human swearwords.)

Below the cut is Chapter One: These Haunted Wires.

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Brave New Tumblr…

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Here comes the all-new site, re-branded and fresh for in 2016…

1. An article full of food pr0n (you can’t afford the ingredients);

2. An Interview With A Visionary CEO Who Is Revolutionising Social Media Through Careful Application Of Meaningless Business Buzzwords;

3. 5 Things That You Won’t Believe Aren’t Mindless Clickbait!

4. A professional non-entity in USian internal politics has done a stupid in public; here are a thousand articles covering this un-story in more depth than you’ll ever need;

5. A token social-conscience piece about the environment (mostly just an excuse for shiny photos of charismatic mammals; doesn’t discuss the socioeconomic/political factors that drive resource exhaustion & ecological decline).

(Anyone want to bet against this being Yahoo’s game-plan? No? Me neither.)

Tai & Three Shadow

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Out of Place is fast turning into one of those projects where I do a ton of dev-work, but never actually manage to get anything written. That’s basically the story of my life these days, but with that in mind, here’s the completed version of an OoP-related painting:

Tai & Three Shadow

This is a long way from perfect. I’ll freely put my hand up in the air and admit that – it got a bit overambitious. (Shadows? Multiple figures? Defined lighting? Perspective? Oh my.) Needless to say, a lot eventually went wrong. Still, at least I got it finished, so there is that.

Dust and the brushing thereof…

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For the last couple of years I’ve been largely reliant on Tumblr for my blogging needs. It’s where I’ve posted my pictures, kept my fics and done my fandom stuff. Unfortunately, it looks like Tumblr are committed to copying all of LiveJournal’s mistakes.

Whilst the site’s been getting increasingly hostile for a while now, the removal of the “reply” button has made things … difficult. Basically we just can’t use the site the way we used to anymore. And without discussion, replies and random chat, it’s hard to have a functioning community.

Also, reading between the lines, I don’t think Tumblr understand what their user-base wants. In fact, the tealeaf reading implies they don’t really care. They may even actively want us gone. The strategy of driving off your core-user base in the hope that ‘serious’ users will replace them – well, we all saw how well that worked for Mr Clegg back in May, didn’t we? On this basis, I now suspect that Tumblr’s days may be numbered. It wouldn’t be the first time that a formerly-successful wesbite has made some bad decisions and sabotaged itself.

So, I’m probably going to start using WP again for fandom stuff.

Long posts will go under cuts, and I’m not likely to be filling these pages up with animated gifs, so have no fear on that account.