Brave New Tumblr…

Here comes the all-new site, re-branded and fresh for in 2016…

1. An article full of food pr0n (you can’t afford the ingredients);

2. An Interview With A Visionary CEO Who Is Revolutionising Social Media Through Careful Application Of Meaningless Business Buzzwords;

3. 5 Things That You Won’t Believe Aren’t Mindless Clickbait!

4. A professional non-entity in USian internal politics has done a stupid in public; here are a thousand articles covering this un-story in more depth than you’ll ever need;

5. A token social-conscience piece about the environment (mostly just an excuse for shiny photos of charismatic mammals; doesn’t discuss the socioeconomic/political factors that drive resource exhaustion & ecological decline).

(Anyone want to bet against this being Yahoo’s game-plan? No? Me neither.)


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