Dust and the brushing thereof…

For the last couple of years I’ve been largely reliant on Tumblr for my blogging needs. It’s where I’ve posted my pictures, kept my fics and done my fandom stuff. Unfortunately, it looks like Tumblr are committed to copying all of LiveJournal’s mistakes.

Whilst the site’s been getting increasingly hostile for a while now, the removal of the “reply” button has made things … difficult. Basically we just can’t use the site the way we used to anymore. And without discussion, replies and random chat, it’s hard to have a functioning community.

Also, reading between the lines, I don’t think Tumblr understand what their user-base wants. In fact, the tealeaf reading implies they don’t really care. They may even actively want us gone. The strategy of driving off your core-user base in the hope that ‘serious’ users will replace them – well, we all saw how well that worked for Mr Clegg back in May, didn’t we? On this basis, I now suspect that Tumblr’s days may be numbered. It wouldn’t be the first time that a formerly-successful wesbite has made some bad decisions and sabotaged itself.

So, I’m probably going to start using WP again for fandom stuff.

Long posts will go under cuts, and I’m not likely to be filling these pages up with animated gifs, so have no fear on that account.


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