An Incomplete World

I burnt out badly on science blogging several years ago, so I don’t do much of it now. But, this result is interesting, so I’m bending said rule a bit here:

Basically the researchers have identified an applied physics problem, related to the structure of matter, that may actually be insoluble due to Godel’s incompleteness theorem.

What’s interesting about this is a) it feels weird (here’s something that happens in our universe that can’t be analytically-modeled) and b) by implication, we finally have a viable refutation for Simulation Theory. If parts of our basic physics can’t be analytically modelled, then also, we can’t be a ghost-world running on someone’s computer. Because said computer literally wouldn’t be able to perform the required maths, no matter how powerful its components.

(Also, apparently my blog doesn’t already have a category for “physics”? Bwuh … ? How did that happen?)


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