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Fables, Book One, by Bill Willingham

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After playing “The Wolf Among Us”, I gained the opportunity to read the first book of Bill Willingham’s Fables series.

The basic conceit is that the former inhabitants of the fairy tale Homelands have been forced to migrate to our ‘real’ world. Most of them are living in either New York, or out on an isolated reservation called the Farm. The stories cover the issues faced by the Fables as they try to carve out some place for themselves inside Mundane society. The roles the Fables find themselves playing can be quite different from what their previous lives have conditioned them to expect…

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Harbinger for PM!!!

London, UK In a surprise move, Harbinger has announced its candidacy for the Tory leadership election. It cited its ‘MILLIONS OF YEARS OF EXPERIENCE’, claiming that only it could ‘ASSUME DIRECT CONTROL’ and ‘END THE CHAOS’. It also added that the party’s talent pool was ‘ANKLE-DEEP’.

Most analysts consider Harbinger a dark horse candidate, but given the events of the preceding week, who knows?

This Week In UK Internal Politics…

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I think this picture sums up the current situation quite accurately, doesn’t it?

I seem to recall writing a story a few years ago, where the complete collapse of a parliamentary government was a plot point. I didn’t expect to actually live in a place where that happened. For most of the past seven days, I’ve been alternating between complete horror and boggling at the utter insanity that’s been unleashed.

(Needless to say, for what it’s worth, I voted Remain. 48% and proud, dammit!)

While we’re on the subject, apparently Michael Gove forgot the First Law of Politics In The Internet Age (register your domains before you announce your campaign). With that in mind, here’s a snerk-tastic link: