Cold Water, A Bucket Thereof

Based on what I’m seeing of the Tory Conference, I think some people are going to be in for a big, big surprise come March.

Below the cut, my prediction for how the Article 50 talks will play out…

Tories: “We want hermetically-sealed borders and the free market and no visas and the City can keep Euro trading! (And a pony and every day is Christmas!)”

The EU: “Which one of those four do you actually want? Because that’s all you’re getting. And no ponies.”

Tories: “What do you mean? We want all four.”

EU: “Maybe you can have one. Maybe. Pick.”

Tories: “Bwuh … ?”

EU: “Pick.”

Tories: “But … but … but … Murdoch loves us and we went to Eton! Eton, dammit!”

EU: “We don’t give a shit. Now make your choice.”

Tories: “…”


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